Hands-Free Water Dispensers from Pure Water Technology of the North

July 22 20:41 2020

Hands-free hydration provides solutions to protect your customers and workforce allowing you to keep your social distancing and still be able to enjoy the best tasting water.

Standard 5-gallon water bottles can be one of the highest possibilities of transferring an illness from one co-worker or customer to another. Not to mention they are just plain heavy and awkward. These bottled water office systems most of the time cost more than our state-of-the-art machine that never runs out of water.

PureWater Technology of the North hands-free water coolers eliminate plastic bottles, along with all of their problems by using leading-edge water filtration and purification technologies to transform already available tap water. This multi-stage process removes particulates like dirt and rust, along with lead, chlorine, and other harmful chemicals. Here’s the BEST PART – You will never run out of water and your price will never increase because you need more water!

Contact Pure Water Technology of the North today at https://purewaternorth.com

As a final barrier to contamination, the purified water is stored in a sealed, sanitary holding tank. It’s like having a purification plant right in your office… providing a continuous flow of cold, clean and delicious drinking water… that’s better than bottled. For more information on Pure Water Technology hands-free water coolers learn more here –

Pure Water Technology of the North: https://purewaternorth.com/hands-free-water-coolers

Media Contact
Company Name: Purewaternorth.com
Contact Person: Media Relations
Phone: 701-353-5903
Address:4141 38th St S. Suite 1A
City: Fargo
State: ND 58104
Country: United States
Website: Purewaternorth.com

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