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July 24 18:42 2020
Creative Biolabs owns the specialty to assist pharmaceutical companies and research institutes with their projects on novel therapeutics, by utilizing the comprehensive solutions regarding the glycoprotein, an essential therapeutic tool that is gaining increasing attention throughout the world.

New York, USA – July 24, 2020 – Glycoproteins refer to a family of proteins that have oligosaccharide chains or glycans covalently attaching to amino acid side-chains, which are essential components in a variety of biological procedures, including cell to cell interaction, cell signaling, cell proliferation & differentiation, etc., acting as indicators of disease progression. Creative Biolabs has been working devotedly to explore this fast-growing tool for pharmacy, and has grouped a specialized technical team of glycoprotein to handle relevant requests on custom synthesis, glycoengineering service, glycoprotein analysis, anti-glycoprotein antibody development, glyco-based vaccine development, glycoconjugation, and so on.

Custom Synthesis

Glycans synthesis, glycopeptide synthesis, and glycoprotein synthesis solutions are provided at Creative Biolabs with chemical synthesis and enzymatic synthesis as two approaches that take advantage of the chemical link and enzymes accordingly to yield high-quality glycan substances.

Glycoengineering Services

Multiple high-yield glycoengineered expression platforms help generate customized therapeutic glycoproteins, ranging from glycoengineered mammalian cell expression system, glycoengineered pichia pastoris expression system, to glycoengineered plant-based expression system.

Glycoprotein Analysis

Though challenging as it used to be, scientists at Creative Biolabs have successfully made huge breakthroughs in this area through versatile platforms for analyzing glycoproteins, which enable clients to obtain crucial information through detection, structure analysis, and quantification of glycoproteins, meanwhile guaranteeing specificity and veracity, and therefore providing reliable insights for the discovery of novel therapeutics.

Glycoconjugation Service

Creative Biolabs offers first-level conjugation services to help conjugate specific carbohydrates to biomolecules, such as conjugation of carbohydrates to proteins, peptides, oligonucleotides, and other biomolecules, by utilizing sophisticated technical approaches like an improved means of reductive animation.

According to a scientist at Creative Biolabs, the solution center is fully competent to offer technical support if requested, including but unlimited to MS, NMR, TLC, Lectin Microarray, covering different stages of customers’ studies. “Our aim is to help them in the way they prefer,” said a scientist who keeps working at Creative Biolabs for nearly 10 years and has accomplished a lot of projects, “and that may be the reason why we have many regular customers.”

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About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs has won a leading role in the field of biotechnology by its professional services and qualified products, and most important of all, the service concept of “customize solution” that enables clients to find the tailored projects, meanwhile saving the cost but receiving the best result.

To better accommodate clients’ projects, Creative Biolabs has designed a wide range of systems, glycoengineering methods and analysis platforms to help produce, engineer, and analyze the targeting glycoproteins.

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