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July 28 02:34 2020

The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward: “Cultural self-confidence.” The manifesto of this era also points out that culture is the soul of a country and a nation. Prosperity of culture means prosperity of the country, and a strong culture means a strong nation. Without a high degree of cultural confidence and cultural prosperity, there would be no great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Culture is the backbone and soul of a nation. It creates the soul and character of a country and a nation. A nation can exist in the world only if it has cultural self-confidence. Only when the people have faith can the country have strength and the nation have hope. Cultural self-confidence is the most important factor contributing to these goals. 

China is the hometown of tea and the birthplace of tea culture in the world. Tea culture is one of the top ten national quintessences in China, and it is a beautiful business card in Chinese excellent traditional culture. Luo Dayou said: “The revival of tea culture is imperative on the road to cultural power. Nowadays, the world is facing air, food, radiation and environmental pollution, which leads to endless human diseases, and the patients tend to be younger and younger. Only drinking tea correctly is the best way to deal with the health hazards caused by pollution. On the basis of developing tea industry, promoting tea culture and strengthening tea economy, China should push tea and tea culture to the whole country and the world. It has long been clearly stated in Chinese classic ancient books that’ all medicines can only treat a certain disease in a targeted way, and tea is a medicine that can treat various diseases.’ 

Luo Dayou’s Lecture on Tea Culture in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center

Chinese tea is divided into six categories: dividend, yellow, green, white, black and green, each with its own characteristics. Drinking the wrong tea is more serious than taking the wrong medicine. Only drinking the right tea can make people healthy. Unfortunately, since the Opium War, China’s tea culture has been dated in the mainland, while some remains spread from China and overseas are fragmented. Only the six major teas in China are a complete cultural system. Therefore, it is of great benefit to restore, carry forward and inherit the profound tea culture. What kind of health care is not as good as drinking tea “; “Promoting tea culture and healthy people in the world”; “Tea and the world”; “The tea people in the world are a family”; “Drinking tea correctly can’t be sick for a lifetime, and drinking tea is healthy”; “Tea culture enters institutions, campuses, enterprises, military camps, communities, families and people’s life”; “Leading cadres should have a deep understanding of tea when drinking tea, that is, only honoring the common people can he or she become elites”; “Drinking tea is talking to the ancients”; “Western medicine makes you understand death clearly, Chinese medicine makes you live in confusion, and only by knowing tea culture can you live your life smartly”; “Drink more tea and drink less, make more friends with good people, and live at least ninety-nine.” These famous classic tea culture sentences and slogans, which are popular and familiar to the public, all come from Luo Dayou and have a positive influence in society. 

Luo Dayou (first from left) and Huang Xiaoxiang, Vice Governor of Sichuan Province, took a group photo at Beijing Tea Culture Work Organization

Luo Dayou, president of China Tea Culture Research Institute, often mentioned these words in lectures, expressing his profound interpretation, sentiment, love and expectation of tea and profound Chinese tea culture for 5,000 years! Luo Dayou not only tells about tea culture, but also spares no effort to carry classic tea sets and good teas year after year to visit the mountains and rivers of the motherland. Over the years, he has consistently popularized tea culture knowledge to government agencies, enterprise associations, academic institutions, urban and rural residents, and tea growing communities. He personally carried forward the spirit of national drinking culture. Luo Dayou said: “The lofty ideal is the sun in one’s heart, which can illuminate every step of life. ” 

Luo Dayou (right) in the banquet hall of the Great Hall of the People and the responsible person of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council attending the banquet

Luo Dayou, born in 1950s, graduated from philosophy department and obtained the technical title of senior political engineer. In the early 1970s, he graduated from school and enlisted in the army. He has twice participated in earthquake relief that shocked the world, experienced many actual combat military exercises, and made many meritorious deeds in the army. Later, in response to the needs of the country’s development of key economy, he was recommended to transfer directly from the army to a large central enterprise and become the backbone. After moving to a central enterprise, he served as the middle-level leader of the party, government, industry and league for many years, and made outstanding contributions to the development of enterprises. In 1980s, during his tenure as secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee of central enterprises, he was cordially received by the leaders of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League because of his outstanding achievements. He attended the National Commendation Conference three times and received national honors and awards in the Great Hall of the People. He loves his jobs. Luo Dayou has achieved excellent results no matter what industry he is engaged in. However, in the end, he devoted all his time and energy to the inheritance and development of tea culture, and devoted his research achievements to people bit by bit. His ultimate goal is to move towards the long journey of tea culture. As the president of the China Tea Culture Research Institute, he integrated the health preservation of TCM, the Five Elements of the Book of Changes and the humanities. He has unique research results on how to drink tea correctly to make people healthy. He spreads tea culture to countless tea culture lovers at home and abroad regardless of race or nation. Because he has a dream in his heart: to promote tea culture and to make people healthy in the world. 

Luo Dayou (middle) took an exclusive interview with the media leaders of France, South Africa and other countries in Beijing.

Be intoxicated with tea and love tea culture. This has become a typical symbol of Luo Dayou. Luo Dayou’s tea experience: Luo Dayou, who has always been restrained and elegant, is not fond of publicity. But in order to spread tea culture, he often makes himself stand in front of the camera and attend lectures in forums. He has traveled all over Fujian, Yunnan, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Jiangxi and Gannan, etc. It is no exaggeration to say that he has been left in all places where tea is produced. For the sake of the healthy development of tea industry, he even did not hesitate to “offend” people, and advised the relevant management organizations about some issues in the tea circulation market. He traveled all over the major tea areas, and had his own unique views on the management and protection of tea trees, especially ancient tea trees, green tea picking methods, pollution-free tea making processes, storage and transportation methods of different types of tea, and so on. In Jingmai Millennium Ancient Tree Tea District of Yunnan’s six ancient tea mountains, he developed a profound friendship with the 94-year-old Lahu people and their tea-making families, old and young, and continuously introduced the high-quality tea of ancient tea mountains to the world. During his inspection in fuding city, Fujian Province, where white tea is produced, he found that Mei Xiangjing has always adhered to the traditional hand-made tea and carbon fire baking skills. 

Luo Dayou (middle), president of China Tea Culture Research Institute, exchanged tea culture with Ma Shuxia (right), old curator of White Tea Cultural Center in Fuding White Tea Production Area. 

Luo Dayou (left), president of China Tea Culture Research Institute, exchanged tea culture with Ma Shuxia (right), old curator of White Tea Cultural Center in Fuding White Tea Production Area.

He is very interested and communicates with the old people of Mei’s family carefully, and encourages them to contribute to making pollution-free high-quality tea. 

Luo Dayou (left), president of China Tea Culture Research Institute, took a group photo with Mei Xiangjing (middle), inheritor of intangible cultural heritage of handmade white tea, and local leaders (right) in front of Mei’s tea-making ancestral home during the inspection in Fuding white tea producing area.

He also used various platforms to publicize and make promotional films and publish articles on pollution-free high-quality tea. He paid great attention to the migration of southern tea to the north, and went deep into Rizhao, Shandong Province, Laoshan, Qingdao, Yuanqu County, Yuncheng, Shanxi Province for field investigation and guidance, and achieved very good results. When CCTV interviewed Luo Dayou, he focused on telling the story of producing high-quality green tea with farm organic fertilizer in Meitan County, Guizhou Province, which was well received by the audience after being broadcast in CCTV’s Science and Technology Garden, and then promoted the local economic development to a certain extent. At the “First International Forum of Chinese Royal Tea Culture”, Luo Dayou introduced the development of Chinese Royal Tea Culture to the guests from the multi-dimensional perspective of material objects and history, which was well received by the delegates. More than 100 tea culture experts and scholars from home and abroad, as well as leaders of relevant departments, representatives of associations and financial institutions, were deeply touched. Moreover, at the invitation of major institutions, such as Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beijing, Weifang, Rizhao, Qingdao, Yuncheng, Daqing, Cangzhou, Guangxi Vocational and Technical College, Tianjin Investment Promotion Bureau, etc., gave many tea culture lectures to people from all walks of life and overseas Chinese leaders training students. 

Overseas Chinese Leaders Present Gifts to Luo Dayou (middle), Dean of China Tea Culture Research Institute in Tsinghua University

His move was interviewed and reported by many central and local media such as People’s Daily Online, CCTV, Dalian TV Station, Daqing TV Station, New Charm Magazine and International Business Daily. Luo Dayou’s tea wish: Come in and go out. This is also Luo Dayou’s conventional “routine” for spreading Chinese tea culture. Over the years, Luo Dayou has warmly received numerous tea culture lovers from home and abroad, regardless of race or nation. Make a pot of “precious tea”, and then analyze the profound Chinese tea culture comprehensively, standardly, correctly and authoritatively. In some CCTV programs and several provincial TV stations, from time to time, he broadcasts his research experience on tea culture at home and abroad. He spared no effort to promote Chinese tea culture, and had a significant impact on overseas. Oxford University sent an invitation letter to invite Luo Dayou to the university to explain Chinese tea culture; Under his careful guidance, the tea culture lovers in America, Spain, Australia and other countries are also growing. Nowadays, Luo Dayou, who is elegant and regards tea as his life, is sailing on the great journey of “the belt and road initiative” in the new era together with the backbone of tea culture work at home and abroad, creating a better future for the inheritance and development of Chinese tea culture! Luo Dayou always takes his beloved “tea” wherever he goes in the world. Ask you what your wish is. He said: “Promoting tea culture and healthy people in the world” 

Luo Dayou (middle) takes a photo with the backbone of tea culture in Weifang City, Shandong Province

Luo Dayou (in the front row) took a group photo with the tea culture backbone of Jiangxi, Hunan, Shandong and other regions visiting Beijing in the tea culture work organization

Readers leave a message to (Luo Dayou, Dean of China Tea Culture Research Institute and Senior Political Engineer, was invited to attend the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Chinese Century Collection):

“The language of the article is elegant, the characters are typical, the deeds are expressed completely, and a tea culture leader who” promotes tea culture and makes the world healthy “is very vivid. This can yet be regarded as a good article that makes people have strong attraction when they read it! Highly recommended.

In 2018, UNESCO identified Chinese tea culture as one of China’s top ten national treasures; In 2019, the United Nations also determined that from 2020: Make May 21st of every year “International Tea Day”! General Secretary Xi Jinping also sent a congratulatory letter when the first International Tea Day came on May 21st this year. It can be seen that it is important to carry forward tea culture!”

This is the public’s best interpretation of the academic research achievements and achievements of Luo Dayou, president of China Tea Culture Research Institute and senior political engineer, who has worked hard to study, disseminate and carry forward the profound 5,000-year-old Chinese tea culture. 

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