Profacgen Released Spike Mutant Protein Customization Service for Coronavirus Research

January 30 02:09 2021
Profacgen now provides spike mutant protein customization service, facing the challenge of the new coronavirus mutant.

New York, USA – January 29, 2021 – Profacgen, a state-of-the-art protein service provider that provides custom protein services in the biological sciences, now provides spike mutant protein customization service, facing the challenge of the new coronavirus mutant.

A high mutation accumulation rate over a short period of time has been previously reported in studies of immunodeficient or immunosuppressed patients chronically infected with SARS-CoV-2. Patients were treated with convalescent plasma, usually also with remdesivir. Sequencing of the viral genomes of these infections shows exceptionally many nucleotide changes and deletion mutations, and often there is a high ratio of nonsynonymous to synonymous changes.

The dreaded mutant strain of SARS-CoV-2 was found in the United Kingdom B. 1.1.7. This new strain has 23 particular mutations. This new strain has the N501Y mutation in the six key interface amino acids of the RBD and has the P681H mutation at a position adjacent to the flynase cleavage site. The cleavage site of Flynase has a great impact on the ability of SARS-CoV-2 to bind host cells. The stability of the S protein is reduced after cleavage by Flynase, thus exposing the open domain, thus increasing the binding affinity of the S protein to the human ACE2 receptor by 1000-fold.

To support scientists with their research, Profacgen integrated a platform to offer high-quality and efficient technical services, providing customers with reliable help to customers in the study of viral proteins, such as protein expression services, protein interaction analysis services, enzyme activity assays, protein computational analysis and virtual screening.

“We have successfully expressed a number of SARS-CoV-2 mutant proteins. Our professional quality technical services are dedicated to helping you further carry out coronavirus research, and Profacgen may be your ideal choice if you are seeking technical services related to coronavirus proteins.” Said Crystal, the chief marketing staff at Profacgen.

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