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Ecomolding.com Purchased Sophisticated Plastic Injection Mold Machines to Provide Cost-Effective Solutions

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Ecomolding.com Purchased Sophisticated Plastic Injection Mold Machines to Provide Cost-Effective Solutions

June 02
17:44 2017
Ecomolding.com, a leading plastic injection molding company nestled in China, recently purchased sophisticated and high-end machines to render cost-effective solutions to their clients.

Ecomolding.com, a top plastic injection mold manufacturer in China, recently purchased a new set of machines for rendering cost-effective eco-molding solutions to the clients from across several industrial sectors. Eco molding co., Ltd usually imports its equipment from Taiwan and Switzerland. Before the recent procurement, the company had 21 sets of milling machines, 4 sets of CNC, 9 sets of EDM, 10 sets of grinding machines, 4 sets of lathes, 7 sets of wire-cutting machines and various other types of machines for plastic injection mold. However, the management has decided to invest more in high-end machines to increase their technical capabilities.

The injection molding machines that the company has purchased now are commonly known as presses, and these units mostly consist of a hopper, a screw-type plunger and a separate heating unit. The molds are usually fastened to the molding machine and then plastic is slowly injected into the mold through an orifice. One of the top executives confirmed that the company has invested in mid-tonnage presses. He also added that the company now uses the best European-grade machines such as the machines manufactured by top brands such as Demag, Engel and Arbug. Besides, the company has also purchased machines manufactured by some of the top Japanese and Chinese brands.

While speaking about their recent purchase, Jackie Lau from Eco molding co., Ltd said that they want to invest more in human capital, research and development and procurement of high-end machines in the near future.

“We want to be the leader in both the domestic and international markets in this particular sector. Plastic injection molding as a service has never lost its market in China and in the overseas countries as well. We have purchased the new machines as we want to reduce downtime, increase overall production volume and tap into new markets over the next few quarters. We want to become the true global leader in the field of plastic injection molding”, said Jackie Lau during a press conference held in Shenzhen, where the company is headquartered as well.

About the Company

Ecomolding.com is a Chinese domestic industry leader and a fast-growing plastic injection mold manufacturer.

Website: https://www.ecomolding.com/

Skype: Jackielau0109

Media Contact
Company Name: Ecomolding Co.,Ltd.
Contact Person: Media Relations
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0086-(0)755 3318 3226
Address:Long Xing Building, Songyu Road 144#, Songgang Town
City: Shenzhen
State: Guangdong
Country: China
Website: http://www.ecomolding.com

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