MindTube expands their offering to Motivation & Mindfulness along Personal Growth Podcasts, Documentaries & Audio Books

February 07 16:03 2020

MindTube, the library of Personal Growth YouTube channels expands to Mindfulness audios in partnership with SoundCloud. MindTube is an web app which was launched by Planet NRON a few months back with a sole purpose of helping people binge watch self-development videos that would help them become more productive, efficient and smarter.

MindTube is the home to over 500+ Top YouTube channels across personal growth, Business & Entrepreneurship, Art, Culture & Spirituality. It is partnering with hundreds of content creators, bringing movies, music, meditations, documentaries & audio books under one platform.

MindTube boasts of having more Meditation and Mindfulness content than that of Calm, HeadSpace, Simple Habit and unlike most Mindfulness and meditation apps that cost $10-40/month, MIndTube is totally free.

Five ways MindTube is breaking into the Mindfulness and Personal growth market.

• MindTube is virtually free and intends to be a free platform reaching as many people as possible

• In addition to Meditation & Mindfulness audios & videos, MindTube also offers a large library of Motivation, Brain Music, Study & Work music, Binaural Beats, Nature escapes and more

• Ambient, Lo-fi, uplifting electronic music that aids better focus at work & study

• Podcasts from top personal growth Podcast channels on YouTube

• Documentaries, Biographies & Short films

• Audio books & Book summaries exploring various personal growth & self actualisation topics

“MindTube was created out of a painful personal experience, in my entrepreneurial journey there have been several highs and lows and it was during the low times I always fell back on Meditation, Mindfulness, Motivation and Books to survive and probably become a better version of myself at the end of it. My goal is to make MindTube the goto place for all the hustlers & seekers around the world to help them build a bulletproof mind and discover breakthrough ideas and insights that could potentially save years of struggle,” explains founder, Chris Basu who started Planet NRON the holding company which owns MindTube.

Chris Basu – https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisbasu/

Media Contact
Company Name: MindTube
Contact Person: Chris Basu, Founder & CEO
Email: Send Email
Country: United States
Website: www.MindTube.co

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